The project took place from 1 August 2001 to 31 July 2002. Considering the type of activities, this period could be basically divided into three main parts. The first one (1- 17 August 2001) was designed to prepare the training sessions (second part) by deciding about their content and by preparing training and information materials.

The second part started with a 10-day-training in Budapest (21-31 August 2001). Besides the professional part, it also included an intensive English and German language course - it was also designed to give the participants a common language base in the field of community culture. In addition to this, three further training sessions were organised - 27 November 2001 in Munich, 18-19 March 2002 in Vienna  and 4-6 June 2002 in Ljubljana -, which mainly focused on the professional part of the project.  
Speaking about the activities realized in the frame of this project, it is important to make a difference between the vocational training-part (workshops) and the intensive language course. The aim of vocational training sessions was to give to the participants as much information as possible about programmes and funding possibilities of the European Union, about intercultural learning and project working. Participants had the opportunity to present the community cultural system of their countries and to present their own institutions too. During these sessions, there was also possibility of exchanging experiences, setting up the first steps of a common project and working with application forms.
To measure the efficiency of the intensive language course, participants had to pass an exam especially worked out for this occasion. With the aim of disseminating the outcomes of the training, a large number of information materials (e-lists, newsletters etc.) were gathered, revised and continuously up-dated by the trainers.

The third part of the project (8 June 2002 – 31 July 2002) was devoted to the evaluation of the activities, to the finalization of information materials collected by the participants during the training sessions (eg. e-lists, newsletters,) and to the starting of a common homepage with  all  the necessary information about the project. 

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