Activities and results during the project      
1st meeting in Regen
2nd meeting in Las Palmas
3rd meeting in Budapest)

Activities and results during the project                 
1st meeting in Regen, Bavaria/Germany
Main topics / activities and further results of the seminar in Regen - 2004 January 24 - 28                
One of the main topics of the Regen meeting was studying and initiating new projects in the theme of language and intercultural competencies. The Budapest Cultural Centre chose the participants according to the fields of interest. We prepared our participants with the help of materials supported by the Hungarian National Agency. During the preparatory meeting we introduced this project as well as the Grundtvig 2 and 3 project types. Two of the professionals are members of the Hungarian Chat Club, which was set up about three years ago in the line with this project. Originally the aim of the Chat Club was to develop the language skills of Hungarian professionals working in the field of culture and adult education. Hungarian colleagues' intention was to introduce the work they have been doing so far as well as to set up a Chat Club Network on international level. The idea was welcome and during the meeting German and Lithuanian partners join the initiation. The project proposal was submitted and it has been approved by the Hungarian and the German National Agencies so far.

During this meeting another renewal project proposal was worked out in which a Hungarian partner also took part. The "Development and testing of new learning and teaching methods for socially disadvantaged juveniles in a European context" project was submitted in March 2004.
Further Results: initiation of new European projects
a) Grundtvig 2: Learning partnership in the filed of innovative methods of teaching and learning for social disadvantaged young people
Result: the project was selected in June 2004 to be continued

b) Grundtvig 3: Regional studies for trainers of German as a Foreign Language in adult education
Result: the training was organised to take place in July 2004 and is ready to take place in 2005 further on two times – published in the Grundtvig/Comenius online catalogue.

 c) Grundtvig 2: preparation of a project to promote language learning in Europe by e-learning methods “Chat Club” for adult learners - European Chat-Club-Net “ECCN”
Result: the learning partnership was successfully applied in 2004 and selected to start in August 2004

2nd meeting in Las Palmas, Spain     
Main topics / activities and further results of the seminar in Las Palmas - 2004 February 28 to March 2
Main topics of the seminar in Las Palmas was far more to learn about distance learning by radio lessons and by e-learning than to develop new project ideas and project proposals. Nevertheless they were delivered as well presentations of best practice examples of running projects in the following field of adult education: projects for socially and/or physically disadvantaged people by Hungarian and German partners and projects 
3rd meeting in Budapest, Hungary               
Main topics / activities and further results of the seminar in Budapest - 22 th May- 25th May 2004

One of the main topic discussed on the Budapest meeting was the question of how to prepare and implement Quality Management systems on adult education.
The BCC organised and carried out the Budapest meeting. Before working in small groups input lectures were done. The BCC gave a lecture about the project titled "Removing barriers to learning for older people". During the seminar three project proposals were drawn up, in which Hungarian partners participated.
Topic: health, environment and culture:

a) improve life quality through self awareness in the fields of HEC (health, environment and Culture)

Result: agreement to organise a preparatory visit in January 2005 in Germany to prepare the project application for Grundtvig 2 learning partnership
b) Fit for Life

Result: agreement of the work group members to work on the project idea and to apply for Grundtvig 2 in 2005.

Topic: Senior citizens
c) Training of senior animators – how to improve the competence of trainers and teachers to design and implement qualified education offers for senior citizens
Result: agreement to organise a preparatory visit by a project partner from southern eastern countries to work over the existing project plan and to prepare the project proposal until the closing date of Grundtvig 2 March 2005


During the three meetings the following new projects were set up:
- European Chat-Club-Net (ECCN) (G 2 - approved)
- Development and testing of new learning and teaching methods for socially disadvantaged juveniles in a European context (G 2 - prepared)
- Regional studies (Grundtvig 3) (2 trainings - G 3 organised: regional studies and intercultural competence, 2 further prepared)
- Fit for life (G 2 - prepared)
- HEC - Health, Culture, Environment (G 2 - prepared)
- Training of senior animators (G 2 - prepared)
Mailing List of all participants
Glossary of English verbs frequently used in European project proposals
Copies of presentations, good practices (written, electronically)
Articles in the Newsletters of the participating organisations
Seminars and training for the staff and teachers of the participating organisations to disseminate the project results and experiences.




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