European integration, intercultural learning, European citizenship and international co-operation – just a few of the ideas that have become popular for the last few years. These new demands have been expressed both in our every day and professional life. As a result of this, institutions working in the field of community culture and adult-education have also been confronted more and more with the need of international experience to be able to answer new questions.  First of all, the institutions in question often don’t have enough information and practice of how to get into contact with foreigner partner organisations. Then, they often don’t have the appropriate language skills to enter into partnership and to develop long-term co-operation with them. Finally, not having precise information about national and international funding possibilities makes also difficult to initiate and to realise international activities.     

Therefore, the project called Stimulation and Initiation of EU-projects tried to fill the gap which existed between the needs and the possibilities of the above mentioned institutions in terms of European co-operation.    

The aim of the project was to prepare community cultural institutions for project working by giving them basic information about funding possibilities, by making contacts, exchanging experience and developing their language skills. It was expected that the participating institutions made the outlines of a future co-operation, prepared and – if possible - set up common projects. 

The target group was composed by people who were responsible for international relations and/or were member of the management of the participating institutions. The reason for this was that they all might play an important role in initiating international projects in their countries and regions.

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