Grundtvig 2 learning partnersip project


  1. effective methods of encouraging seniors to start learning information technology
  2. methods of convincing society about benefits of introducing information technology to seniors
  3. effective methods of teaching seniors computer skills – exchange between the partners of “best practise” – development of a short test course to be offered and tested in all the participating countries
  4. building up of a lasting network between the senior students and institutions from the participating countries which can continue after the project is finished
  5. how introduction of information  technology can encourage and facilitate the seniors citizens to stay in the  labour markets more years before pension 
  6. webpage of the project  - how to exchange and spread information and prepare a common discussion forum
  7. gender issues in IT- training of seniors
  8. Internet based activities  we can perform together

 What did the hungarian partner done? 

  • grandma3- participated in the international network between adult education institutes
    -  explored and compared the different educational programs and training materials
    -  integrated the new knowledge and experience to our own method
    - produced new notes for the senior students, teachers and organizers
    - distributed the new “Click on, Granny” educational package countrywide

  • - set the computer room with webcams 
    golden_terem- ran 10 short trainings about the webcam, chat, blog 
    - presented the Golden-Age project at the 3th “Go on, Granny!” national meeting for
      netgrannies - workshop of the Information Technology Conciliation Forum
    - Hungarian Television
    - ran 30 hours English course for 27 adult learners
    - participated 43 adult learners in 12 netmeetings


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