SILVERNET is a learning partnership for senior ICT learners in Central Europe. We intend to contribute to the learning society’s development in our countries with the presentation of internet learners over 60. We would like to give the chance to this excluded social class to join to the new communication and information network, which is able to dissolve their loneliness and help to express their needs. We ran basic internet courses for seniors tailored to their special educational needs and interests in Romania, Slovak Republic, and the courses still run in Hungary. The senior students will learn to use high-tech communication accessories, which are tools to develop their social contacts with their family, surrounding and with the other learners from the EU. Pensioners will be able to travel abroad, find new friends and speak about their common history. Senior net-surfer will show oneself in media campaign, cause snow-ball effect. The partnership between the cultural organisations can be the first step to shape new cultural connections across the borders. The adult education organisations will adapt best practices from the EU, cultivate their professional knowledge. Teachers working in adult education will learn effective methods of senior’s teaching. 



Report 2007 


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