Budapest Cultural CentreEstablished in 1979 by the Municipality of the City of Budapest, the Budapest Cultural Centre (BCC) is the professional service institution of the community cultural institutions, civil organizations and communities of the capital, yet its services are offered to the widest public. We have more than 120 thousand visitors every year, and the number of people who rely on our telephone information and consultancy service or visit our web pages is equally high.
The institution employs full-time cultural managers who organise different programs in a 2000 square meter building.
In 2012 our institution received the Cultural Quality Award which is the highest recognition in our sector and can be awarded to only one institution per year. Our institute is instrumental in supporting the communication between public educational establishments, and in distribution of the cultural values of the capital city.

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2023. projects

Your culture – our culture?slogan: „What culture means to me”

Budapest and Szczecin – Maksym Ostrowski's project

Budapest and Szczecin

laughs and cries
carried by the river
surrounding by cultures
human affairs
everlasting monuments
 around openness
the power of identity
in decline
life - freedom
on foundations
of diversity

Cities live in us and we live in cities. Each is different in its uniqueness and eternally builtup timelessness. The exhibition is a starting point for further explorations around building symbolic bridges of understanding. Energetic and highly diversified Budapest will be juxtaposed with Szczecin, just waking up to big-city life capital of West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. They have a lot in common. What specifically? We invite you to the exhibition. Paintings, graphic-forms, video-art and not only will be waiting for you.
The exhibition is part of the ''Exile is the homeland of thought' - the search for Polishness in the collective consciousness of nations' project, implemented as part of the scholarship of theMinister of Culture of the Republic of Poland for 2023.

One of the stages of the project is holding artistic residencies lasting several days in 10 cities abroad. During my stay, I will record video materials (which will later go to exhibitions in Poland) and I will create a series of paintings about two cities - one from Poland and one from abroad. In the case of a visit to Hungary, it will be Budapest and Szczecin (capital of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship). It's hard for me to say exactly how many works I'll be able to create, but I think about 20: 10 about Budapest and 10 about Szczecin - bigger and smaller canvases. After the exhibition, I leave all my works to you as a gift.

Maksym Ostrowski

Budapest and Szczecin – The exhibition  Budapest and Szczecin – Lights  Budapest and Szczecin    Budapest and Szczecin – Church Budapest and Szczecin – Streaky        


Your culture – our culture?
Slogan: „What culture means to me”

Your culture – our culture? – slogan: „What culture means to me”„What does the concept of culture mean to you? What values do you consider important in your day-to-day life? School, fun, hobbbies, friends or higher culture, or maybe creating something new?”
This year, in honor of Budapest's 150th anniversary, we are dedicating a special category to short films showing Budapest's cultural diversity, entitled Budapest Culture. By means of cinematography, tell us and show us what You mean by Values!
Why not sign up for our invitation individually or as a crew, if ♦ you like to express your ideas with creative visual means ♦ you would love to see your winning short film on the silver screen; ♦ you want to learn from noted film experts.
Do these apply to you? We await your application until 7 May 2023 with the following conditions: ♦ The film wasn’t shown at previous AMIK festivals. ♦ The film was made after 2012. ♦ At least one of the makers was born after 1992. ♦ Playing time: minimum 1 minute, maximum 30 minutes. ♦ In case of non-Hungarian pieces English subtitles are required. ♦ The videos submitted to competition can only have royalty-free, Creative Common licence or Epidemicsound music.
♦ No technical and genre restrictions.

The invitation concerns those who would like to enter for the competition with a former work and those who are just beginning to make their first short film.

The theme of the application: We hope to have short pieces in which young (under 30) filmmakers tell us what the concept of culture means to them.

Films can be entered for the competition in three categories, The animations and the live actor pieces will compete separately in their own category:  ♦ Best director ♦ Best film ♦ Budapest Cult (How do you see Budapest's cultural life and values? You can talk about Budapest's public spaces, theaters, concerts, exhibitions, architecture or even its sparkling nightlife)

Information: Oláh Sándor,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Budapest, Hungary – Our institution can be reached by public transport: metro line no. 4, and buses no. 7, 103, 107, 114, 213, 214. Alight at Bikás park
All bus services have low-floor vehicles too, which are underlined in the timetable.

Applicant’s name: The applicant can be a particular person’s or the crew’s name too.

Download link to the short film: Provided that there is no download link, you can also send your film via e-mail. Please write the sender’s email address in the field below.

Sponsors: Pc 24 Ltd.

The Polish-Hungarian seminar on dance

The Polish-Hungarian seminar The Polish-Hungarian seminar on dance as a community-building activity took place on May 17, 2023 at the Budapest Cultural Center (Bp. XI., near Bikás park, Etele út 55./A.). The creative and performing seminar focuses on "dance" as an artistic expression. Dancer and choreographer Zoltán Farkas "Batyu" and his partner Tóth Ildikó "Fecske", multiple award-winning dance artists, created a new choreography from Hungarian and Polish dance traditions.
Within the framework of the project, Ryszard Kocot and Joanna Kocot, the leaders of the Polish dance group Miedarzanie, presented their own creative method, focusing on those moments that represent the common dance language of the two nations in the choreography.


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