Review the conferenceThe Development of Slovak and Hungarian Cultural Relations online conference was held on 25th February 2021. The conference was part of the “Living Cities and Developing Communities” project under the joint leadership of the Budapest Cultural Center and the Štúrovo Municipal Cultural Center. The project is supported by the INTERREG Slovakia-Hungary, Building Partnership Program, Small Project Fund.

Due to the current lockdowns in both countries, the conference was held online. A rather broad spectrum of cultural life was examined by the presenters, such as the early days of the Slovak dance house movement from a Hungarian perspective, the responses of libraries and museums to the challenges introduced by the coronavirus pandemic, and the best practices our institutions developed while migrating daily activities to the online sphere.

The full version of the conference is available on the Budapest Cultural Center’s youtube channel:

Development of Czech-Hungarian relations

In April 2019, we organized a conference where Czech-Hungarian cultural organizations that actively maintained relations could present themselves. We got to know the work of the Czech Center, the everyday life of an organization in Brno, as well as the cultural and economic development projects of the city of Mikulov, as well as its gastronomy and excellent wines during a reception. The conference was a great opportunity to further deepen the relations between the two countries, as a result of which the city of Mikulov established an active relationship with the city of Bük.

Cooperation between Budapest and Olomouc

In recent years, we have established excellent cooperation with the city of Olomouc, developing joint projects regarding the methodological work of theater, folk music and public culture. In 2019, we took part in a professional visit to the city, we got to know the institutional system, the concept of the city leader. In 2020, we are planning a folk music event in the city of Olomouc, where the cimbalom will star, an instrument that can be found in the folk music of the V4 countries alike.

Cooperation between Budapest and Sturovo

Last year, together with the Sturovo Cultural Center, we developed a pilot program based on the mobility and exchange of cultural professionals, aimed at professional development. Under the project, we will implement programs and small trainings, as well as provide a two-week stay in each other’s cities, gaining an insight into the work of local cultural life.

Brouhaha Festival 2018 – A cultural cross-collaboration between institutes and NGO's in Europe

In the Autumn of 2018 Budapest Cultural Centre and Standard Island from Czech Republic organised Brouhaha in Brno with the help of various visual artists from London. The 2 day minifestival was a presentation of the works of hungarian, czech and british musicians, dancers and artists. This collaboration between cultural institutions and NGO’s was a highly recommended event for people who are able to search and understand cultural and international cooperations. The project preparations and meetings had a 3 month term and in november the promoters took a lead. The festival organised in one of Brno’s well known cultural and concert venue.

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